Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Roses and Kisses

"I have changed P. I'm cold and calculative now."
"No, you haven't. For me, you'll always be the old A. You can never change."
"I'm goddamn cynical"
"I don't think so."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean I think you still will melt by a rose and a goodnight kiss. That's all you need."
"You're right. I lied. I'm still bloody romantic."
"I knew it. Some people never change. They're better off the way they are."

Changes upon changes, we're more or less the same...

"Come for the wedding. She's invited him too"
"I don't care. He'll never come."
"Are you still in touch with him?"
"On and off"
"Divorce comes through in Feb. Then thank gawd, I get rid of him forever."
"I'm tired of waiting P"
"You have to wait. The unknown one will come someday... in the moonlight."
"I'm unlucky in love. Twice bitten, broken."
"Yeah I never told you about the one after R."
"What happened?"
"Nothing did. Never will."
"Because he's scared."
"Of you?"
"No, of himself."
"I'm a dreamer like you. I have to be pulled back on the ground."
"I say P, better to be like you and me. Better to pretend to fly than be stuck in the mud."
"I feel sad for people like that, they can never break free though that's what they think they're doing."
"Why do you pretend to be something you're not?
"I guess I'm scared too. Of them, not myself."
"Stick to roses and kisses. Suits your real personality."
"Yeah, but I strut around with berets and ciggerretes."
"Take it easy."
"I will. I'll go back to me...."

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