Thursday, December 22, 2005


Am i going to be sad or sorry..or am i going to push those bad thoughts aside and congratulate myself on growing an year older, stronger and wiser? Am i going to wait for his call, send hateful messages if he doesn't, or am i going to gracefully put those aside who don't deserve my i going to be born or reborn?


Rakshit Doshi said...

dear binis friend... :P,

come on, u shud at least leave your name na? anyway, terrific blog i must say, and no im not just saying it, i read thru most of it if not all and i tell u, u have some expression that needs more room then just a blog. u need to write more, express more... u r good at it. keep it going and sorry if im sounding judgmental but truely im not. i just felt a connect between your writing and mine so i opined... thats all... come stop by again and this time, pls leave ur name, i shall not ask bini who u r. so hope to c u soon.

Loonie said...

thoughts come high..
revel in the splendour of being..
u write so well..
no matter who you are..
am in love with you!:-)