Friday, December 02, 2005

Planning for the Future

It's just a bit of news
I heard about you
And I should react
and feel
maybe a little cheerful
to know that you
are without anchor lately
like a monkey
on the tree,
hunting berries,
and delving
in raw cries
of desire,
from one velvet branch
to another
But, then
I don't live in your woods
And I can't be your mate
Or discover
hidden delights
in your unruly fur,
so dark, lovely depths
where once
I wanted to hide
and breathe
your mystery musk,
was willing even
to drink up
drops of salt
collected over hours
under your arms
where I found
fresh, bottomless
pangs of hunger
in true animal style.
But now,
Watch out
for me
watching you,
zooming in,
till I hear
the thud
on the ground
and rush
in frozen rivers
to collect
my historic trophy,
of the animal man.


Wriju said...

*Thumping my chest*
(read - I have arrived!!)

Ashmi said...

i must agree,you truly have a way with words...don't know why i feel you are deeply hurt...hope i'm wrong...just have a feeling you've been in love or still are in...can so much associate myself with your feeling... :-)
beautiful words that can arise only from passions deep and true.