Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Plunging Forward

Yes, you are right.
the world is waiting
for me.
So watch me go
into the sea,
across the foam,
cutting through
layers of rainbow beams
that dance
only near the shore.
But inside are
greater treasures
Of corals and weed
Have you ever danced with fishes,
Tried to breathe
the blueness of company
It's unlike the land
The sea has
its own love,
For those
who are
not afraid
of white teeth shark
and bottomless depths
When you go far inside
and sink slowly
towards the centre of the earth
there is a calm
a silence of sorts
that can hurt the ears
and confuse the eyes
But like a pill of joy
it throbs the brain
and enlivens the senses
When you reach there
You understand
Why the urge for the deep
can be the greatest flight

So I'll take the plunge
and go into that
beautiful place
where no one is afraid
and there is a world
complete with stars
with belief
and an undying satisfaction
in knowing
that it'll be easy
to surface
when the need arises

It's not just a fairytale rumour.
This world exists.
But you won't believe
unless you see
it yourself.
There's a condition though
You can't close your eyes.
If you do,
you'll descend
into endless falls
that are actually an illusion,
but like sheer hypnosis
will control you
with their darkness

I think you want
to stay back.
So I'll go
so watch me go
My world is waiting
for me.
And yours for you.


Wriju said...

At times such an adventure needn't be a tussle with a deadly shark. Rub the boss on his wrong side and you will have plenty of adventure, take my word ;-)
My world is waiting for me too. I really hope so.

Ashmi said...

i don't know why but your words carry lot of depth that stirs me somewhere...i feel the same way as you do...is it coincidence?...don't know.some people tuly know the way to their world that lies ahead,i wish i did too...why am i so stuck up in life?...your world looks so beautiful,will you take me along with you? :-)