Thursday, January 19, 2006


Enough Man!
Enough of your silly ego,
enough of your tiger spots
fading into jungle tracks.
Enough of your making me feel
I'm not good enough for you.
Of pushing straws
into paper thin funnels
Of crying for your touch,
your warm, prize touch,
which is meant not for me,
But that coy, little piece of illusion,
her hair of apple shampoo
and her nails manicured to perfection,
Her breasts like those bubbles
you play with in boredom
Your kiss not meant for me,
But her, to whose your lips
are just a conquest,
and she goes back home,
pulling the threads
she's tied to your heart,
and her laugh so dainty,
like a bird in the snow.
Enough Man,
Go, go kiss her to death,
and set me free,
before her jewelled noose
suffocates you into more guilt.
As for me, I'm free
from such superficial chains
Only struggling
in my red ribbons,
longing to look pretty
flying in blue sky
and floating in green streams.


Laura:) said...

Hmmm, so beautiful. Is this a song to? I need to look these people up.

Ashmi said...

am speecheless...its so piercing and so full of it sweetie :-D...and pl do take care.

Camphor said...