Thursday, February 02, 2006

Circle of Life

I met an old lover yesterday. After a very long time. He was in pain because the one he loved had left him. I tried to console him, and we became the friends we never were to begin with. Both of us admitted we never really got to know each other before, because we were both playing parts, I of the strong, seductive woman, and he of the larger-than-life funny guy, who always laughed and made others laugh.
When this short affair had ended before, and I don't blame him for it anymore, it caused me a lot of pain. He saw an act in front of him, and I showed him nothing more then. But yesterday, like two people willing to reach out and show their weaknesses, we both came through. He said he was sorry. It was because he had hurt me, that he was getting it back. I agreed and shamelessly confessed to cursing him the day he had done that to me. Karma bounced from corner to corner and landed up right where it had started, between two people. The story hadn't ended a year back. It found its course again. We decided to be friends, laughed out aloud (he is the funniest guy on Planet Earth and can sweep a woman off her feet just by keeping her in splits), cracked jokes about ourselves, requested for Green Day's When I Come Around...squealed in delight like two 16-year-olds when the DJ played it, and the boat that had rocked itself quietly found its momentum.
What hasn't ended, someday always does. What didn't begin once, someday will. What goes around, always comes around. When the path turns, you have to turn with it.
That gives me hope. If someone puts a stone in your way, he'll have to pick it up sooner or later. My ideals are reconfirmed now. Wait, and you shall soon now where you're headed. And I tell myself, Just wait child, just wait...


Jesse said...

I am glad as you fade your mask and i see the real you.
As you let go of your defence mechanism and i get to see the real you.

This is the absolute truth and a universal law. " As you sow you shall you reap". What goes around comes around.

Way to go buddy......Jess

Ashmi said...

so very true....each person will sooner or later realise the essence of his/her deed and words and it always comes back full circle(in your words) don't need to curse, you don't need to pray, all you need to believe is you have been right all the way and justice will be met out.