Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Grass...

Is always greener
from where you sit
and watch its dance on the field

Once you were lonely,
saddened sometimes
by staring out of windows
into partly clouded stars
And you wished
you had hands to hold
and a mouth to kiss

Now, you sit
holding hands,
kissing a mouth
wishing you had
a cigarette and
an excuse to
sit by the window
and search for
that are just a
season away


Ashmi said...

beautiful as usual......i just somehow can't always locate you. you seem to be like the mysterious creature that holds its charm for me at all times.....so many times have i visited your site and each time mesmerized by the power and depth of your words, so sublime :)

Wriju said...

It's not grass. It's more like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (hear the tune and picture yourself in a boat by the river).

As soon as the ground starts shaking under me, I'll beg you to hold me - I will.

How do we know said...

THis is a very beautiful piece...