Sunday, March 26, 2006

You & I

How can I think of forever
with you?
Do you see the dark shroud
that hides my eyes,
when I laugh at
your teenage antics?
Do you know how it feels
to be so old gone,
like a faded patch of denim?
You're the leather,
young, crazy, unknown...
The boy under the window
zooming around the street
on his hi battery powered tricycle
Admired for his innocence,
for his recklessness,
his mad spot of knee blood
Rushing home to show off
the day of gold,
to his quiet, nagging mother
Who remembers how it felt
to dance with sweaty strangers
in days of lust,
once when she was not jaded
by the past and the present
Secretly envying and hating
This boy of hers
who knows not her pain
her disfigured solitude.
You come and go
in my life,
like the boy I could adopt,
but would only feel
sorry for,
when he slept under his colorful quilt
Seeing not the stranger
watching him,
in the middle of the night
Wondering if she wanted more
to be a mother
or a wife?
Deciding, then
with the smoke around her hair
To wait for a day
when the little girl in her
would not be ashamed
to venture out
while you continue sleeping,
thinking in the morning
that everything was fun,
when two people
could be so different
and yet pretend to love.

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Ariel1980 said...

I am grateful that you stumbled into my blog, because it has given me the opportunity to read this very compelling poem.

It is excellent.