Thursday, May 04, 2006

There's Something Missing

I was just watching the 'Wizard of Oz' the other night. It's a book that has stayed with me since I was seven years old. Once, long back on a rainy night at a place we used to call the 'Stage' (it was a run-down cement block with a back arch that was used for school annual day skits and other things that are connected to young people), that my sister first told me the story of Dorothy and her magic shoes. Then I read it, and went on to read the sequels, 'Ozma of Oz, The Magic of Oz'..
and finally watched the film. It was nothing like the book. It was garrish with fake sets, but I still loved it.
I wanted to go back to my childhood, so I bought the CD and watched it again. I still loved it, but as adults we see different things, and every story becomes a life metaphor. My favourite character was always the Scarecrow. He was simple, clumsy and pure hearted.
As I watched the film, I realised that I was like Dorothy, lost, confused and wanting to go home. Only home was grey, drab Kansas that she was bored of when she was there.
I realised just like Dorothy took her three friends along with her on her hourney, I too had taken to three such men. I didn't want to be alone on a journey, plus I felt I could help them fill some incomplete part of their lives by being with them.
I first fell for the Lion, the man without courage who couldn't stand up to his convictions, who never believed in himself, and that's why failed to believe in others.
Then came the Tin Man, the man who wanted a heart so bad, that he never realised he was more emotional than most people he knew. So he went on living his life as a heartless man, the cold and practical man that he's really not. He never looked under his tin shield to see a soft, red heart bursting from the seams.
Then the Scarecrow - childish, innocent, but lacking the tact and maturity he should. Never knew he had more brains than most intellectuals. Sitting too long on a pole does that to you.
I'm leaving them now and going back to Kansas. Even if it's boring, it's still my home. Oz can wait another day...


How do we know said...

Hmm... i really like the way you post insights into your life sometmes, without making very obvious references..

How do we know said...

We all get by dear.. its the scars that matter...
Hum aksar doston ki bewafai seh to lete hain, magar hum jaante hain dil hamare toot jaate hain...
It helps to talk to a complete stranger sometimes.. tell me if u'd like that:-)