Thursday, June 01, 2006

Been tagged by How do we know

I am thinking about.... How I'm going to pack all my stuff to shift on Saturday
I said Nice things to undeserving people. I regret it
I want To live in peace
I wish For a dream holiday to Mauritius
I miss My grandfather
I hear Phones ringing
I wonder Why people don't believe me when I say the truth :P
I regret Being naive sometimes
I am Tremendously talented, but tremendously lazy
I dance Like a druggie (so they say ;)
I sing Coldplay's The Scientist and Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh, when I'm alone
I cry .. Not like I used to. The tears don't roll down. I don't let them.
I am Great in bed ;)
I make with my hands Yummy food and childish paintings
I write about Moods
I confuse Between Love and Liking
I need A ruggged jeep that I can call my own
I should Start jogging
I start Conversations
I finish Nothing. I don't believe in endings.
Tags!!I Tag Wriju and Oreen G


How do we know said...

Darling: Wriju has alredy been tagged by Sarafina and he has posted his replies in the message section.. i got to know of this frm Sarafina's blog.. :-) chk out his replies.. :-))

How do we know said...

Oh.. and yes.. i like what you have written here.. except for the Cry part.. maybe you cld use Tears like summer showers..

Wriju said...

"I wonder Why people don't believe me when I say the truth"
-Reminds me of Cassandra! Agamemnon's concubine who lived Apollo's curse - and no one believed her too.
I won't say anymore, for you must have read Aeschylus for sure! Feel like reading it again ...

Here's mine - a copy paste job since I have done it already like "how" pointed out ;-)

I AM: what I am, what I am, what I am...
I SAID: what i meant
I WANT: a piece of that blue sky
I WISH: that my dreams would come to true
I MISS: that place called home ...
I HEAR: bruno barking loudly!
I WONDER: at the world around me ...
I REGRET: some things i did. but then, I have realized ...
I AM NOT: who you think i am...
I DANCE: when no one is watching!
I SING: all the time, especially when things get quiet around me!
I CRY: sometimes when i am gripped by that strange feeling of loneliness ...
I AM NOT ALWAYS: happy but then I always smile ...
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: lovely portraits and paintings
I WRITE: to express myself ...
I CONFUSE: names of people!
I NEED: to get out of here and go places!
I SHOULD: be doings things ... but then I am in a mood to procrastinate!
I START: things with a lot of enthusiasm
I FINISH: only when its done.
I TAG: Noone in particular :-)

Wriju said...

Yes she was both. (They are not mutually exclusive! ) Daughter of Priam and Hecuba, and concubine of Agamemnon. After the Trojan War she takes refuge in the temple of Athena! Then after being raped by Ajax she is taken by Agamemnon as his concubine...
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