Monday, June 05, 2006


I've just moved to a new house. Actually, compared to my last house, it's relatively older. But what happens when you create any kind of changes in your life in any way is leave a house, it's surroundings, your memories related to it, the people you wanted so bad, in a different way.
These days I have no thoughts occupying my mind, no need for comfort, no one that I miss, none that I love so much that I can't do without them. I've moved fact, I've made it my skill to move on as quickly as possible.
When I need to stop, slow down and invest, I will. Right now, I want to run. Run faster and faster, from all these things behind, leaving them further away. And when I'm tired, panting for breath, I'll stop. And I shall turn behind to see everything in a blur. When I see nothing clearly, the only way I would choose to go is ahead.
And then the slowing down, the quiet walk, in the rain, with the birds. Peace alone.


Wriju said...

"That day bring round the night, that before dawn
His glory and his monuments are gone."
-WB Yeats

I have been sort of running away too, so much and so often that it seems like a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. But thats life I guess.

Post some pics of the new place :-)

Madhuri Shinde said...

Good that u can feel peace because it's a rare virtue.

How do we know said...

i also want pictures of the new house..
All the Best in the new house!
peace, or anything like it!!