Monday, June 12, 2006

What do you fear?

The word 'phobia' according to is "A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous." Which basically means that most phobias have no basis of rationality behind them. In fact, the things that we fear, are sometimes things that we need to overcome, and suggest our basic flaws.
This got me thinking about my fears and I thought I'ld list a couple:

1. Swimming pools: I don't know where this stems from. I've never had a drowning experience ever, especially not in a pool, even though I don't know how to swim. I love water, so much so that I've decided the day I've had enough of this life, I will walk calmly into the sea. The sea is something that I thrive on. So, I thought about this. The sea is different from the pool because it has motion, unpredictability. The pool is still waters. Maybe it suggests my fear of monotony. According to Freud, water is a symbol of sexuality. so maybe it suggests my fear of a boring sexual partner ;) He he..that is scary..

2. Doctors: I've never had a bad experience in a hospital or with a doctor either. Dunno where this stems from either. But I hate visting doctors. I'm still okay going for a test to a hospital, but I run like hell whenever someone suggests I need to see a doctor. Any guesses why?

3. Outside food: This is completely based on logic and past experience. I've had a bad stomach for around 4 years now. I used to live on junk food earlier. But every morsel that I consume outside has me panicking. I'm allergic to eggs, ajino moto, capsicum...I might as well turn into a fruitarian now..just that I'm not a fruit person either :). I used to love chocolate. Now even that makes me want to throw up. I've lost my appetite, and it's no wonder why I'm so worried about it. I spent the last three days in bed, crying in stomach pain, all alone :(.

Most of my phobias are abnormal. Guess that's why they're called phobias. But I'm not afraid of lifts, or heights, or jungles, or darkness, or insects, or death, or losing loved ones. Guess I'm the one that's abnormal!


Deepa said...

u are perfectly normal dear..or may be u r too scared to be scared of anything in this world ;-)

How do we know said...

hey Tell me no more: I am deathly scared of ghosts.. in all these years. have not been able to shake that off.. does that make a person abnormal? Me no thinks so.
Any case lady,u take care.. bcs u look like u need tonnes of it..
Sometimes.. u dont expect people to like you.. but they do. awfully! Your blogger friends come in that category!