Monday, January 21, 2008

Dream Away...

I have a countless beautiful dreams right now..some are real, some wishful, but they are dreams neverthless. I had forgotten a few, given up on some, but they're back again, swishing away the darkness in a warm quilt of hope...the farmhouse with the animals, the restaurant near the sea, the house on a meadow of yellow flowers, learning Gaelic, baking cakes...

These days all I feel like doing is lying in the sun, watching the kites high across in the sky and daydreaming, as the smells of cooking fill up my house.

I wish I could take a year off and just travel, another year off and read and write and watch movies...I dream of having my own kids as well..All my friends would also have kids and how we would all be happy in a daze of white light on a white porch and a green garden with white picket fences, watching them play, and us having tea in a fancy China set with coconut macaroons and cheese sandwiches...

The first thing to do is get away. I'm longing to be near the sea again. Sometimes it calls to me, it's salty air lingering before my face, like a white lady in flowing garments...beckoning me towards her...very soon I shall be off to Goa, hopefully with my now best friend (I know you warned me not to mention you in my blog, but I'm rarely known to keep promises). Here's something for you btw:

Dead Sea Drifters

Floating on its gentle waves,
lets stop swimming, you and I,
lets lie, half asleep
on the swing of its sunset,
ears closed, the strength under our backs,
of trying not too hard
Who cares about shores?
I never want to reach anywhere, anyways,
And in this hour of silence,
lets hold hands under the seagulls,
when the tides change,
we will drift away,
or drive our wrinkled bodies
towards the rested shore,
But for now, lets float,
uplifted, drifting, prepared.


Anonymous said...


Wriju said...

What a lovely poem :)
And the post about the dreams. I miss the sea too. Did I tell you we went to the mediterranean sea? It was gorgeous but I missed the arabian sea nonetheless.
Have a great vacation in goa.

Aurora Sky said...

anon: firstly pls share a name, even if its fake. and secondly, write comments that make sense... 4stars meaning what?

wriju: thanks, u didn't tell me abt ur trip..please mail me some nice photos..and u've been missing the arabian sea for sooo long now...when are u goin to make up for it.. :)

Madhuri Shinde said...

Quite an optimistic post.

Good poem:)

Enjoy Goa!

How do we know said...

such a beautiful, warm little post this... (smile of being in a warm rajai in delhi winters)

dharmabum said...

i'm longing for travel too, but since i don't see it coming, i go out in the evening...sometimes to a tavern and look around for bums, just get talking to them, look at life from their eyes...

oh, and no kids - i hope i don't have them...when i see my own parents suffering me, i swear not to go thru the ordeal myself :P

Aurora Sky said...

mads: thanks darling. glad to know ur happy too...

how: u must be freezing over there!

dharma: u see kids as the products of suffering, then u shldn't have them. i see them as the ones who are unaffected by kids we are vulnerable and hence unhurt bcos we are not afraid. as adults, we are afraid of being afraid, hence the hurt...

Anonymous said...

Nice poem. Goa would be nice now - less crowds, good climate, what more can anyone want.

btw - liked the comment to dharma - wish we never grew up or rather never let the kid inside us die. :)

Aurora Sky said...

Jolly: thanks...yes, i wish we cld be like that..but unfortunately, it becomes very difficult to be that when ur an adult..bcos other adults take advantage of that vulnerability n naivety..other kids don't..maybe thats why we're so scared to show our kiddish selves to most ppl..

dharmabum said...

thank you - those words make a lot of sense.

i had said that about kids in a lighter vein though. i wouldn't want to have kids because i think its too much of a responsibility bringing them up...the world is going insane and rearing kids to me is one of the greatest challenges today.

its also the fear of losing my freedom i guess. i'd like to travel around and meet people, and kids don't seem like a bright idea to me