Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Lowly Hero's Mediocrity

The Return of Ulysses - Giorgio De Chirico

I get only easy,
yeah, I get on.
One look
at your red haired love,
one black tear shed,
and I get on.

The living's not easy,
the dirt and smoke
in the dreams of a hill,
the technicolours of ash,
in a night of bliss,
But I get on.

Days pass slowly,
nights get old,
the lines on my face
are bolder,
the glow on my hands is cold.
But I get on.

I needed speed once,
now I'm all alone,
I needed love once,
now I'm flat tyre
sulking on a cold desert road.
But I get on.

The sea's still waiting for me,
I'm walking it by,
the mermaids still sing for me,
but their spells don't work,
I shut them up high and dry.
But I get on.

I got one foot in the sand,
one time I'll grow a wing,
push these chains away,
and run with one leg to the sun,
fly face down to the land.
I might not be Ulysses,
I might not be Icarus,
I might not be a Pip
Not even an animal hero Aslan,
But I'll get on,
yeah, I'll get on.

That's all I fight to do,
I get on.

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