Thursday, February 28, 2008

The PPT Life

A lot of my friends are starting their own ventures, mostly solo. And they're all thinking of something outta the box, something niche. And I thought, what could I possibly do alone?
Greeting card text! Personalised online letters? Poems for your beloved? Any takers? I can write loads of sweet sounding mush that appears believable and true. If my candy finger hasn't melted yet.
Or I could keep waiting for that hike some more...


dharmabum said...

well, if you're writing a poem for me, i'll accept and gladly so :P

how have you been dear friend?

Varun said...

how about having an agony aunt column? the world could do with a few of those :)

How do we know said...

i second Varun. Agony aunt column. Deposit money in my bank account and i will answer queries on the blog. Or in email if u want privacy.

Gud biz idea for u.