Thursday, September 18, 2008

Black Love

Portrait of Suzanne Bloch - Pablo Picasso

My love is the blackest love,

engulfing, intense and complete,

not a pale shiny blue

or a slow watery green.

It's not like the winsome reds,

not worldly wise or lipstick dyed

Not a pink sky shade,

eternal, spiritual or kind.

It isn't a bright yellow

sunshine smiles and colored lies,

not a deep violet,

lost and mystical,

not a shallow brown,

boring, staid and down,

not lavender or crimson,

sounding different,

but the same as another.

Not white, and non commital

a cowardly bystander

in a cowardly crowd.

My love is the blackest love,

as black as your eyes,

as black as your veil.

My love is the blackest love,

the black of the night

that captures the dying day.


Anonymous said...

very accurate... really nice.

mr bojangles said...

yes, it is nice.. it flows and carries one away with it - and with such a different perspective! who could've thought!! i just posted, and i realize how different we think.

Aurora Sky said...

anon: thanks. i wonder ppl don't leave a name when they comment. :P
and what's ...ash?

mr bo: ur post and my post are opposite to each other. but funny how we had the same stream of thought...

Anonymous said...

its short for ashley, i am sorry if it offended you... i just couldn't resist commenting.

Aurora Sky said...

ashley: no, no..didn't get offended at all..just nice to know who's commenting..
welcome to my blog :)

POOJA NAIR said...

this poem as as deep as the colour black... :)

black encompasses every colour. so black love means complete love. intense indeed. :)

i like it.