Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Susan - In the Morning

Image: Dawn by Alphonse Mucha

Eyes sleepy, and brown,
alive and dreams,
sun inside, creeping,
washing into the window,
and the fog outside,
you rise, auburn hair
over your curves,
hidden under white sheets.
Pale skin warmed,
as you look at the trees,
then at me,
and smile, remembering
last night when I soaked
in the force of your floods,
your rivers I swam,
now just memories of dew
as they linger with you,
stretching across the bed,
while I dance my fingers
on guitar strings,
wanting the morning to be night,
and night to be morning
as you rise and fall
like a flower blooming with the dawn,
then showering petals at dusk,
over my dark, frozen ground.

I keep listening to a song these days (From the Morning) that always paints the same picture in my mind. It's almost like a vision I've seen before. Maybe Nick Drake's voice has something to do with it. I don't know if/how to upload a song, so I'm putting the youtube link for my inspiration here:


mr bojangles said...

it's beautiful. you show so many pictures.. from sun inside, fog outside.. right up to the showering petals. very beautiful - like a soft golden video!

Oreen said...

my baby...
when you are published and famous, can i still call u my baby?

Aurora Sky said...

Mr B: thanks. and thank u for bringing drake into my life :))

oreen: always will be...

Anonymous said...

Good to read ur blog. Feel a lot rejuvenated...

Somethings changed in u for the better...:)

Aurora Sky said...

anon: thanks. u say something's changed in me. do i know u? pls leave ur name next time :)

Anonymous said...

Oh u know me very well......... no names.....cant spoil the suprise... guess karo..