Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Choices present themselves
in the shape of colours,
always changing, always merging,
always losing the essence of what they stood for.

Wanting flowers, choosing diamonds,
wanting depth, choosing air,
wanting kisses, choosing touch,
wanting everything, choosing nothing.

Call this day to its end
call this stone a heart,
call this sail a wave,
call this fall a disgrace

Blame the footprints left before,
blame the fortress built in the night,
blame the solitude of time
blame the dying light flickering again

Whatever you do,
choose your ruin,
choose your blooms,
without restraint and regret
knowing they are your own.

I have suffered for mine
I have lived and loved for mine
Never once looking back to see
what I didn't choose instead.


Mampi said...

I wish We all could develop that strength of not having to look back at the road not taken, but one does, once in a while... sometime.
I loved this the best "wanting
everything, choosing nothing." And would rather want to say "Call this heart a stone..." but it is too cliched, Your take on this is better.

mr bojangles said...

once in a while, one understands you more, and misunderstands you less.. but as ever and always, it makes for very pretty reading. you've suffered enough Aurora - hope you get everything you want the next time round.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aurora...why is it that your writings always touch my heart so? You really believe in writing down all your troubles..don't you? Good for to get it all out. Don't know why you suffer but I truely pray that you get all you want..even the minisicule particle of happiness that is of no use to anyone comes to you & slowly,ever so slowly these drops coalasce into so much happiness that you laugh and remember these days as lessons for living and reaching this ultimate 'pot of gold'.May God bless you and good going as always!Keep writing!

Manish Raj said...

I see life as a series of choices….

A person’s life is a portrait of how s/he has responded to those choices...

As often as it was must, we all have ‘chosen’ what we never ‘wanted'...

Smile it over…and move ahead...and now give yourself what you want..

How do we know said...

Sorry my comment is not profound at all "Tedha hai par mera hai!" .. u r right.. we might as well make our own choices.. they may not serve us well.

Aurora Sky said...

mampi: thanks

mr bo: i haven't suffered at all. i only made my choices without holding anyone responsible for them. u shld do the same.

kiran: ur a darling. thank u so much for ur blessings...maybe my writing touches ur heart because i actually say the things honestly that ppl try not to think abt.

manish: i have moved ahead. my choices form the fabric of who i am today. i wldn't trade them for perfection.

how: aapne to mujhe bhi confuse kar diya :P

mr bojangles said...

but i believe one is responsible for one's choices & actions, and so i blamed only myself.. seems that you are able to keep yourself from looking back itself.