Monday, June 24, 2013

the new poem

A is for apple, not angst A crow is kaka, a biidd, Not the protagonist celebrated by Hughes, Iggle piggle loves his blanket And Baby Jake is cool, cos he dances In diapers and shoots to the moon Theres no such thing as me time, To eat is passe, to feed is success Theres magic in bubbles and balloons, See how they fly, see how high, Kish Momma kish, never knew How a kiss can make your day Especially when you are too tired To smile, too stretched to dream, Too busy to rhythm and ryhme But never too jaded, never too cool, Never too hungry, never lost, For the purpose ye existentialists Is revealed. Its love, it was always love Now so more. Theres nothing more. No deep long lines. No. Khoya khoya tickle tiikle aiya aiya Boo, ooo, choo, too Finito.

1 comment:

archana said...

Lovely to see u writing again.. its love it was always love.. resonated so much with me.