Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Lake

Shining, glimmering, the waters,
A promise, tingling heady laughter,
Hands in the mud, smoke in her hair,
Will they meet again?
Can't breathe, everything's a blur

The world is a dream,
and we the dreamers,
You and I, the eternal lovers,
Forever in this fire, cold nights
Wrapped in our cocoon,
Moments turn into days, skin and mouths,
Can't breathe, everything's a blur

It can't be, how can it?
You died, no you didn't
You can't change, this is us
The waters dark, like ink
Swallow us whole, into
The mouth of a whirling fire
Can't breathe, everything's a blur

The sky is blue, the air crisp,
Pitter patter of little feet,
Chirping of babies and birds
Born in a new world,
Look at this lake, it's still the same,
So serene and fresh, like the
Anticipated flavours of a new book,
Breathe it in, everything's so clear.

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