Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Waiting for Godot

Days of patient sounds
on creaky stairs,
praying once again
for a favour,
a strong request,
to be considered
among those
with normal living
and happy thoughts
Crying out aloud
pointing fingers,
enough injustice
has already been done
and repudiation
for God's favorite child
seems an unfair deal
for six years in a row.
Begging with folded hands
to once again
be taken back
to those days
of lucky strikes
and laughing,
when everyone used to say
with a hint of hidden envy,
"How do you always get it right?"


How do we know said...

Can't pretend that i understood.. though read it 4 times!! But the undercurrent is fairly strong.. btw, your pic on this blog is really nice!

How do we know said...

My friend saw your page today and she also thought you were very good looking.. she also said, this one also looks like the quintessential dreamer :-)

Wriju said...

When its night time, we look back at our day and wonder where it all went. Sometimes I think we should open the windows and admire the stars in the night sky instead :-)