Friday, May 12, 2006

Enying Alice

Catch me if I fall,
You always do for a while,
You always say you're there,
For me, the girl feeling sorry for herself.
And everytime I believe you
And let myself free fall
Deeper and deeper
Like Alice down the rabbit hole
On the walls of the pit,
I see you sometimes.
Once when you smiled
On the stairs,
Praying I would look at you.
But I didn't.
And when I did,
you made it so beautifully safe
For a little girl
To fall down a hole.
By never appearing again.
The cushioned thud
And the endless search
For the rabbit who runs
Again and again.
When all poor Alice wants
Is to talk to him once.
And then what happens to Alice?
And then what happens to me?
She wakes up
And believes the rabbit was a dream.
I wake up
And still see you, talk to you.
Knowing your not a dream.
Just an illusion
I can never catch,
Even when I fall.
Even when I land.


How do we know said...

wow!! This is not for the writing.. this is for the genuineness in this post!

How do we know said...

i ws about to delete that post too.. then saw ur comment.. and then deleted it.. it was too sugary for my taste.. and perhaps..too real!