Thursday, June 22, 2006

An Air of Detachment

I'm not going to curse you
I'm not going to disdain
What couldn't echo forever
I'm going to stand back,
and look at it
From the outside.

Through the windows,
I see the house
beautifully lit
with candles.
There's incense,
almost like an altar.

There are gardens,
with wild flowers,
and a painting
of two kindreds
under a starry sky
There are words,
buzzing around
with rainbow wings
And a violin
notes of companionship.

It's a house set in
another time.
But now I'll give it
One last overwhelming look
And bid it goodbye

And I'm going to float
In the white clouds
Get drenched in the
drops mingled with sunlight,
Lie back and smile,
Till it's time to fly
and descend
in a new land
with the memory
of a warm house
that could have been home.

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