Thursday, July 13, 2006

January Again

The rivers are freezing,
And soon the routes
to the farm will be cut
divided between ice and soil
The animals are huddling
in the barn.
torn between chill and warmth
The farmer's wife is heating
a bowl of soup,
heating it till
it boils,
boils over,
steam and vapor
Watching the children
staring with greedy eyes.

He sits
with them every day
as they discuss
the snowstorm
and the wind
the deaths
and the darkness
It will be here soon,
the land he never saw before
White shades,
stars in numb air.

Before the melting,
the droplets dripping
from the leaves
And feeding the
new ones
with milk bottles
The roads to the farm
will grow wild heather
New roads
the old ones.

But now,
They sit
near the fire
Fearing the end
it's just a storm
and the sun
is just
a month ahead.


Madhuri Shinde said...

January again...surely very soon.

How do we know said...

sun is just a month away.. :-)